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Hi Friends,

For those of you who are visiting my website for the first time, I'm so happy you stopped in! My name is Savanna- better known as Savy. Whenever I hear "Savanna" I feel like I'm either getting in trouble or a teacher is taking attendance on the first day of class. I am a 25-year-old Art School graduate with a Bachelors degree in Art Education & the artist behind Savysoul. I'm also wife, mom, Disney fanatic, and junk food gal. For all you enneagram folks out there, I am a true 7- the enthusiast! I love life + have a passion for writing and creating art that inspires others.


I started Savysoul about 7 years ago when I was a senior in high school and I haven't put down my pen since. I can remember sitting in math class & not understanding a single thing my teacher was explaining- but my notes were beautiful! I always looked for desk partners who would let me draw on their notebooks + and lend me their arm to doodle on. Oh, and anyone who ended up next to me during church would leave service with a Sharpie tattoo:) Through the encouragement of family and friends, Savysoul was born. Fast forward + here we are! 

Savysoul is a super unique small art business simply because it's not just one thing. I offer so many fun and artistic services. Anything from a shop where you can purchase goodies + gifts, to working together in creating a logo for your brand, or designing + painting a mural for your space. I'm your girl! 

Savysoul is extremely special to me and I feel beyond blessed that I get to share it with y'all.

From my soul to yours,


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